Well, there we are! It's nice to meet you. We do have five board members, but one was unable to make it for that photo up there. From left to right we have - Dawn, Robb, Kim, and Jaide. Our biographies are below, if you'd like to know more about us! 

Also, feel free to send us an email if you'd like more information. I will do my best to answer any questions you might have. 


Hi! I'm Kim, Chair of New Leaf Society for Sustainable Communities. I am 29, a mom to 5 year old twins, and in my spare time I work on New Leaf. I learn everything I can about things like land use permits and building codes, and research new technologies that will be helpful in our proposed community.

My passion with alternative ways of living started nearly ten years ago when I first learned about people living in tree houses. It was fascinating, and my curiosity was peaked. I then learned about cob building, Earthships, yurts, tiny homes, rocket mass stoves, alternative power, and more. A whole other world was opened up, and I wanted to know everything I could! It was around the same time that I was starting to realize there had to be more to life than working and worrying about money to buy things I didn't need. But it wasn't until about 2011 that I had the idea to start a non-profit. Over the past few years, the idea grew into what it is today - New Leaf - a community of people living a simple life together, supporting each other, and not worrying about working for someone else, for a paycheck that was already spent on bills. Enough is enough, I say! 

I am looking forward to a fun future, and I am encouraged by the fact that every day I see more people turning towards a simple lifestyle. I am excited to watch New Leaf grow into something amazing!

Robb B. - Vice Chair of New Leaf

Robb is our computer guy, but more than that, he's been integral in getting New Leaf off the ground. He works in IT at the moment, but would give it up to get his hands dirty and build a cob house! 

Dawn T. - Secretary/Treasurer for New Leaf

Dawn is of Gypsy, Scottish and First Nations extraction, though not necessarily in that order. She grew up in northern British Columbia, where she loved tramping through the bush, horseback riding, and communing with nature. Dawn’s education is in Computer Information Systems, for which she holds a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a published writer, a web developer and a genealogist. She takes a great deal of pleasure in putting images and videos together to tell stories. Dawn has sat on the board for many non-profits, and she is happy to bring that experience with her to New Leaf.

Dawn and her husband Tom live in Calgary, where they own and operate their own business, New Dawn Manuals Ltd.

Jaide F. - Board Member

Past - Growing up I moved many places, but always around Kamloops and surrounding areas. Besides this floating around, I have always felt grounded to interior BC and all it has to offer. I am spoiled to have grown up here. I have never spent more than a week in a city, and have been lucky enough as a kid to always have my backyard as a forest or ranch land. My first taste of wanting to become a global citizen happened to me at a young age when I went to the first "We Day" in Vancouver when I was twelve. Summer 2014 I traveled to Ghana to build a school, and this is where I learned to respect education. Seeing such a different culture made me feel a guilt for how we live in western society, but instead of honing in on this feeling, I sparked up an undying feeling of gratitude and respect for resources. I learned about myself that I love to do meaningful work as a team. I also learned I love working with my hands, and experiential learning. 

Present - One would often find me outside on my bike, and in the winters on my skis. The passion I have for these sports is a gift, and so I hope to have a bike and a set of skis for my whole life. I also love animals - I'm that girl who asks to pet your dog. I have a small garden, and my latest project is raising apple tree seedlings and growing tea. I'm fairly outdoorsy, and camping, fly fishing, stargazing, and eating wild berries is what I call summer. I have a spiritual connection to nature. 

Future - One of my mottos that I strive to live by is "think globally, act locally". We all try our best at what we believe in, but no one is perfect. Of course, I jumped into New Leaf as soon as I got the opportunity! I want to respect all walks of life, and creating a living environment where this is a core value would be living the dream. I wish to live simply and this is where my career and life interests come in. I would like to become more educated about permaculture and sustainable buildings. I also have the dream to become a public speaker. Summer 2016 I am travelling on an educational trip with Free the Children, to a permaculture center/leadership camp in Arizona. 

Isaac L. - Board Member

Isaac works testing water samples for various companies and is a computer programmer on the side. As seen in the photo above, he loves nature and being silly!