The trip. The future. Inspiration.

Hello! It's Kim here...

We are all very excited here at New Leaf! The future is promising. I've been spending my time updating the website, researching fund raising opportunities, and telling everyone I meet about New Leaf. (Though I need to work on my pitch!) 

The recent trip to Prince George went well. I was fortunate enough to meet a friend I only knew online, who not only made dinner for myself and five of her friends, but also took the time to drive me around Prince George and show me the sites. Among other things, we saw the University of Northern BC, and visited West Lake, which was absolutely gorgeous. I was also thoroughly amused by the fact that it was just a short drive to a secluded, open space in which to enjoy peace and nature. You can drive the same distance here in New Westminster and get to the mall. 

I did grow up in northern BC, so it is not new to me. Even in September, I could feel the familiar sting in the air - a sign of winter showing up soon. Though I am always the first to grumble under my breath about cold days and long nights, those are the places my childhood memories were made, and I will never forget that. I hope to make many more memories up there in the cold - though they will likely be all of us huddled around a warm fire, or checking that the animals are cozy in their barn stalls.

New Leaf isn't just a place to live a sustainable life, though that is a big part of it. It is a place of community, growth, discovery, and compassion.  We want the people here to feel comfortable, surrounded with support, able to pursue their hobbies, and to know that the work they put in one day directly effects their lives and the lives of their neighbors. No 9-5 office jobs here... just people helping people, living a low, or no impact life, and having fun doing it. 

That's our vision. Thank you for supporting us on our journey! 


Chair - New Leaf Society for Sustainable Communities